SC clears way for holding BFUJ polls on October 23

Supreme Court today cleared the procedure for holding elections to the executive positions of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) on 23 October in accordance with the timetable.

Justice Obaidul Hassan, chamber judge of the Appellate Division of the SC, was able to stay an order of the 28th of September High Court order that halted the election process following an writ petition.

The apex court judge issued the decision following an hearing on the petition submitted by journalist Dip Azad. The petition sought approval to hold the election on the 23rd of October.

Dip Azad's lawyer ABM Noor-A-AlamUzzal, has told The Daily Star that there is no legal reason to not organizing BFUJ elections. BFUJ elections on the 23rd of October in accordance with the SC chamber judge's decision.

Justice Obaidul Hassan, however demanded the petitioner to submit his request to the labour court to get the necessary guidelines.

Attorney General AM Amin Uddin and the Additional Attorney General, Sk Md Morshed also attended on behalf of Dip Azad in an online hearing on staying petition.

Dip Azad who is the head of news for Nagorik TV and a candidate for secretary-general of BFUJ filed the petition on the 6th of October and through Noor-A-Alam.

The HC on September 28 was able to stop the procedure of conducting BFUJ election for two consecutive months based on allegations of irregularities in the voter lists.


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